About Us

My Puzzle House is a place where all ages and abilities can come to play and develop social skills, experience support with strengthening and sensory processing, but most importantly a safe place to have fun.

My Puzzle House has been designed with inclusion in mind and our equipment and play spaces encourage engagement of all abilities. There is something here for everyone!

Understanding that play time is often the best time for learning, we encourage parents, carers, and specialists to come along and join in the fun for free, encouraging personal growth through play.

We have a session host on the gym floor at all times to guide and assist any participant, parent or carers where needed. We have the capability of changing some of our equipment around for different abilities and ages if required and encourage you to talk to your session host if you would like something specific.

The future is looking bright for My Puzzle House, and we will be expanding our classes and events to accommodate for the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any requests or suggestions.

My Puzzle House opened its doors for the first time on 26th October 2019, but its journey started many years before that. The Journey started years prior when part owner Mandi Marchant had a son Rayne who was diagnosed Autistic. After trying many different group activities and play spaces, she could not find a place that was truly inclusive and accepting of all abilities.

Raynes Nana and part owner Robyn Trezise left her job as a age and disability carer in 2018 to help care for Rayne and help with his therapies and kinder.

After plenty of brainstorming Robyn and Mandi decided that they could make a space that was fun and inviting for all kids, but also fun and inclusive for kids and adults with additional needs.

Robyn and Mandi believe that helping children and adults thrive in this inclusive environment is the most rewarding part of their day. And, Rayne now has a place where he can feel free to be himself and build confidence and friendships.