Junior Movers - Primary School Age

This class is currently on hold. Please leave inquiries and we will contact you once classes are back up and running.

This class is specifically created for kids with additional needs who enjoy dance, movement and music.   Parents/carers are welcome to join in the class, but if comfortable the child can join the class by themselves. We do not have any expectations of how your child chooses to involve themselves in the class. If you or your child does not feel comfortable joining in on an activity - that’s ok.   If your child is overwhelmed and gets upset - that’s ok.   If your child wants to wonder around the room - that’s ok.  We understand that everybody is different, and everybody has their own way of participating.

If your child had specific goals we are happy to work with your child towards these goals.

Staff at My Puzzle House understands that every child develops differently.   If your child has a tantrum or melt down, don’t feel embarrassed - we are here to help, ALWAYS.

Some of the fun things that we do are dancing, singing and playing music, using musical instruments, using dancing props, obstacle courses, and parachute games.

1 Trial class for FREE

$28.78 per class. Charged per term.

Includes 1 hour of open play before or after your class.

Prices for this class are following the NDIS 2020/21 price guidelines.

We can provide progress reports for NDIS if requested.